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$600,000 Verdict Against AutoZone for Failure to Accommodate a Disabled Employee
$71,500 Settlement in Racial Harassment and Retaliation Case, Training Ordered
EEOC Holds Meeting About Leave as a Reasonable Accommodation
$35,000 Settlement in Pregnancy Discrimination Lawsuit, Training Ordered
$101,000 to be Paid by Veterinary Center for Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment and Retaliation, Training Ordered
$41,125 Settlement in Sexual Discrimination Lawsuit Against a Phoenix Charter School, Training Ordered
$260,000 Settlement in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Online College, Training Ordered
$100,000 Settlement in Age Discrimination Suit Against Company with Mandated Retirement Policy, Training Ordered
$40,000 to Settle Disability Discrimination Lawsuit Against ACT Teleconferencing Services, Training Ordered
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$55,000 Settlement to Settle Disability Discrimination Suit, Training Ordered
$60,000 to be Paid by Chrysler in Retaliation Lawsuit, Training Ordered
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$1,149,702 in Back Wages and Damages to be Paid By Mexican Restaurants in Decatur Illinois for Willful violations of the FLSA
$535,000 Settlement in EEOC Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Suit, Training Ordered


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