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Drug and Alcohol Policy - Drug-Free Workplace

Employer wishes to maintain a work environment that is free of all illegal drugs and alcohol. To this end, Employer prohibits the possession, transfer, sale, or use of such materials on its premises or on the job. In addition, all persons are prohibited from being under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol while on the employer's premises or on the job. Employer may use any method allowed by law, including drug and alcohol testing to maintain this environment. Any violation of this policy is cause for termination. Employer requires the cooperation of all employees in administering this policy. Any employee who is convicted or who pleads no contest to controlled substance-related violations in the workplace must inform management within five days of the conviction or plea.

Desks, lockers, and other storage devices may be provided for the convenience of employees but remain the sole property of Employer. Accordingly, they, as well as any articles found within them, can be inspected by any agent or representative of Employer at any time, either with or without prior notice.
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